LED Bulb Conversion Kit – BN1-BJ8(B)76137 – POS Earth


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Why choose LED?

  • Longevity – LEDs can last a very long time. The bulbs we use in our kits can last up to 30,000 hours, that’s almost 4 years of continuous operation!
  • Durability – They are much more resistant to extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration, factors that can lead to early incandescent bulb failure.
  • Effiency – LEDs are extremely efficient. This allows them to run brighter and cooler, all whilst consuming less power than a regular incandescent bulb.

What’s included:

  • Gauge illumination bulbs (white) x4
  • Indicator warning bulb (green) x1
  • Main beam warning bulb (blue) x1
  • Front side/flasher bulb (white/amber) x2
  • Indicator relay x1
  • Stop/tail bulb (red) x2
  • Number plate bulb (white) x2

This is a list of alternate part numbers you can use to cross-reference for your Austin Healey

APP # BN1-BJ8(B)76137
AH # LTG250
OE #
Quantity per vehicle = 1

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