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Gasket – Cylinder Head

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The benefits of this modern design are:

  • Provide an even torque load across the sealing surface to compensate any type of bore distortion.
  • Outer and inner layers combination is designed to perform at higher compression levels than O.E Head Gaskets.
  • Offer the best solution for both aluminium heads to cast iron blocks and aluminium heads to aluminium blocks.
  • They are the same thickness as the OE gaskets so the compression is not affected.
  • Highly effective for high compression competition engines BUT also standard road engines benefit greatly from the superior sealing qualities.
  • Improved engine performance and longer durability.

Our new design MLS Head Gaskets are made from high grade 301 stainless steel full hard material. Each layer is individually formed using a state of the art laser cutting and embossed with an optimized formation process.

All head gasket layers go through a stress relieving process to significantly reduce embossment forming induced stress. Proprietary two part polymer coating is applied after the stress relieving process and ensures uniform coverage of the outer layers providing no break in the coating.

This process ensures the micro seal of engine coolant/oil fluids.


This is a list of alternate part numbers you can use to cross-reference for your Austin Healey

AH # ENG401C
OE #
Quantity per vehicle = 1


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