Ignition Lead Set – 6 Cyl.- For Electronic Ignition


Ignition Lead Set – 6 Cyl. For Electronic Ignition

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If you have installed (or are planning on installing) an electronic ignition, we highly recommend changing your plug wire set as well.  Today’s electronic ignitions require wire that is not copper-cored and as such, Autofarm Ltd has taken the steps to source the appropriate wire and will custom make a new lead set for you, to your Healey’s specifications.

The producers of the electronic ignitions have made changes in recent years that are not compatible with the ‘regular’ plug wire sets.  This is a more recent change so while electronic ignitions may have worked fine in the past with standard wires, this is no longer the case.  In our experience, the new ignition may work fine for a few weeks, a few months, a few thousand miles, but the time will come where your electronic ignition will no longer function, resulting in a costly replacement.

This is a list of alternate part numbers you can use to cross-reference for your Austin Healey

AH # ELI152P
OE # na
ALT # na
Quantity per vehicle = 1


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